0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency Inverter

Shop our Vector Small VFD Frequency Inverters - 0.75kw to 5.5kw. As a factory, we offer reliable and high-quality frequency inverters for various applications.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
D32 series
Link of Transformation
AC-DC-AC (DC-AC Support ) Variable Frequency Drive
Nature of DC Power
Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive
Simple Type, Elevator Special, Textile Special, Constant Torque Universal Type
Ausenist or OEM
Power Range
0.4kw ~1000kw
Control Type
Close Loop Vector Control, V/F Control, Open Loop
Motor Controller
Frequency Converter
AC Motor Speed Control
VFD 4kw 220V
2.2kw VFD Solar
VFD 5.5 Kw
11kw VFD Drives Prices
2.2kw VFD
Water Pump VFD
VFD Best Quality Supplier
VFD Inverter 4kw Delta
VFD 220e 43A
Solar VFD 1 Phase
7.5HP Frequency Inverter
Frequency Inverter Price
Variable Frequency Drive 3 Phase AC 480V
Sew AC Drive
ABB Drive Acs
Alpha AC Drive
ABB AC Drive
AC Drive Arkel
Transport Package
Wooden Case & Carton Packing
HS Code
Production Capacity
100000PCS /Month

Product Description

0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency Inverter0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency InverterAusenist D32 series VFD is a new generation of high-performance inverter, which is designed to meet the application needs of users. It has rich functions, excellent and stable performance,and simple and novel structure.D32 series VFD adopts advanced speed sensorless vector control technology, advanced motor parameter identification,online estimation technology and advanced flux estimation technology, which has been greatly improved in terms of speed regulation range, dynamic response, control accuracy and lowfrequency torque. In addition, D32 has rich pplication functions and perfect protection functions, making it more convenient, reliable and safe to use.D32 series VFD is a real high-performance vector control general-purpose inverter, which can be widely used in petrochemical, steel, paper, HVAC, water treatment, medicine,textile, fire protection and other industries.

1. Compact mechanism, perfect replacement for international famous brand inverter when installed in the cabinet
2. Double line display panel, any two of 15 parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, pressure absolute value are displayed at the same time, saving an ammeter or voltmeter for installation in the cabinet
3.. Dual CPU design, separate processing of drive and control information, faster response speed and more functional expansion

Detailed Photos

0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency Inverter

Product Parameters


ITEM  Discription
Control technology Adopts dual CPUs and advanced German technology to separate and process
drive signals and control signals, and the operation is more stable.
Characteristic control mode The unique energy-saving mode can save more than 35% energy in fan
Anti voltage jitter function In case of instantaneous power failure, the frequency converter can continue to
operate at a low frequency, with a maximum power failure time of 2.35 seconds
Circuit board protection Full automatic protective coating equipment ,Each circuit board is coated with
protective layer at least twice
Factory load test aging Each product shall be subject to 24-hour aging test with load before leaving the
factory, and the test contents include overload test, overvoltage test, overcurrent
test, etc
Simple PLC Simple PLC program can be set according to customer application requirements,
with a high degree of customization
Fire mode Suitable for fire protection applications
Multi-speed Up to 16 speed settings are supported
Torque raise at low
To improve low frequency torque about 0.1% ~30% under V/f control and
sensorless speed vector control through raising voltage and torque.
V/f curve Linear type or multi-point type
Acceleration and
deceleration curve
Linear type or Model S acceleration and deceleration; three groups acceleration
and deceleration time; time range for acceleration and deceleration range:
Built-in PID It is convenient to realize process control under close-loop control system.
DC brake DC brake range: 0.0Hz~maximum frequency; brake time: 0.0s~20.0s; brake
action current value: 0%~100%.
Jog control To realize instant start and instant stop; jog frequency setting range: 0.0~20.0Hz;
jog stop type: deceleration/ freedom/DC brake
Jump frequency Available to set three jump frequency points and related jump frequency ranges
to avoid frequency inverter's running within this frequency band.
Two sets of motor
parameter switch
Available to set two sets of motor parameter and could freely switch each other
in order to match currently droved motor
Protection for VFD Input phase failure, output phase failure, under load monitor, over torque, under
voltage, over voltage, over current, over heat, short circuit among three phases
Protection for motor Motor overheat, motor current limiting amplitude, motor over load, motor short
MainInput Rated voltage and frequency 3-phaseVoltage:310V-480V , 50Hz/60Hz
Allowable value of change Voltage: 310V-15% ~ 480V+10%; Frequency: ±15%
Main output Output voltage 3 phase, 0~480V ±15%
Output frequency 0.5Hz to 400Hz
Overload capacity 150% of rated output current for 60s, 200% of rated output
current for 2s
Modulation mode 3-phase PWM, 2-phase PWM
Control mode V/f control for constant torque, V/f control for quadratic load,
vector control without PG (open loop control),Energy-saving
Setting method of run command Outer terminal, keyboardpanel or serial communication
Setting method of speed
Analog setting, keyboard, serial communication, UP/DOWN
speed setting from external terminal
Speed setting resolution Keyboard: 0.1 Hz
Analog setting: 0.05/50Hz (10bit)
Speed control precision V/f control:±2%
vector control without PG (open loop control) ±0.2%
Speed control range V/f control 1:40
vector control without PG (open loop control) 1:200
Acceleration and
switching frequency  
Analog input Number 2 ways: AI1,AI2
Type DC voltage or DC current
Maximum input range AI1: 0 to 5VDC, 0 to 10VDC, 0/4 to 20mA DC receivable AI2:
0 to 10VDC or PTC probe input receivable
Analog output Number 2way: AO1, AO2
Type DC voltage or DC current
Maximum input range Voltage output: 0 to 10V, Current output: 0/4 to 20mA
logic input Number 0.75kW-11kW15KW-800KW:LI,LI2,LI3,LI4,LI5,LI6,LI7,LI8
Type Source or Sink
Maximum input range 0-24VDC
logic output Number pulse signal output(LO-CLO), relay output 1,2(T1A
pulse signal output OC,output frequency,,act other function
relay output RA-RB-RC, including a NO contact and a NC
contactMaximum switch capacity:T1A-TIC/T2A-T2C:5A
@250VAC, or 5A@30VDC T1B-T1C/T2B-T2C: 3A @250VAC
or 3A @30VDC
Serial communication interface RS485 interface supports Modbus protocol.
Display Two-lineLED digital display For display of frequency setting, output frequency, fault code
and parameter setting etc.Lcd display is avarilable for 15kw
to 800kw VFDDisplay is moveble.
Environment Standard Development of D32series frequency inverter follows strict
international standards and relevant recommended IEC and
EN standards for control devices, especially IEC/EN61800-5-
1 and IEC/EN61800-3.
Altitude Dreading unnecessary when altitude is 1000m or below
(Dreading necessary at altitude higher than 1000m)
Ambient environment 0.75kW-800kW: Reliable operation at -10 ~ 50°Cwithout
debating. When top protective cover is taken off, the
environment temperature can be as high as +50 °C. Above
+50 °C, the current drops by 2.2% for each rise of 1 °C in
temperature. Storage: -25~ 70°C
Humidity No condensed water or drip at 5 ~ 95%, In accordance with
Impact strength 15gn for continuous 11ms, In accordance with IEC/EN60068-
Maximum antipollution capacity Class 2, in accordance with IEC/EN61800-5-1
Structure Protection level 0.75kw-15kw: IP20
: IP40
185kw-800 kw
: IP20
Cooling Method Forced Air cooling
Installation method Wall mounted

0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency Inverter
<1> 0.75-37kw frequency converter has no P0 terminal; For frequency converters above 45KW (included),
be sure to remove the short connector between P0 and (+) when installing DC reactor (optional).
<2> Only 0.75-37kw frequency converters have Pb terminals, and braking resistors can be connected
between Pb and (+). For frequency converters above 45KW (included), braking unit and braking resistance
are required during braking.
<3> 0.75-15kw frequency converter has no (-) terminal.
<4> The 0.75-15kw frequency converter has no li7 and li8 terminals.
<5> Input reactor, DC reactor
<6> Braking unit, braking resistance

Company Profile

0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency Inverter
Ausenist engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of the inverters. Our company is positioned to serve the industrial equipment manufacturers, we not only provide customers with practical products and convenient services continuously, but also individually tailored product and comprehensive solution for particular industry.

0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency Inverter

0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency Inverter

0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency Inverter0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency Inverter

1/     Trading FAQ
1 Delivery date:  1 week ~2 week,depend on quantity 
2 OEM Accept OEM with your authorization
3 Packaging Details: Export standard package or special package according to customer requirement
4 Payment Term:  T/T, L/C at sight  Western Union or others for negotiation  
5 Samples :  Samples will be prepared to sending in about 3-5 working days.
6 Sample Delivery date:  (And DHL 4-7days; UPS 4-7days; Fedex / TNT 4-8days; EMS 9 days to reach destination)
7 Quotation Valid: Price Valid two months.
8 Warranty : 18 Months 
9 Market Europ, Middle East, South America, Asia, Afria etc
2/     Strictly  QC management 
1 IQC( Income Quality Control) 
2 IPQC( In process Quality Control)
3 FQC( Finish Quality Control)
4 OQC( Outgoing Quality Control)
3/    Our advantage 
1 More than 20 years-- manufacture of frequency inverter
2 More than 15 years-- experience in OEM items
3 More than 100 countries-- exported 
4 More than 50 R&D team-- OEM, ODM accepted
5 More than 100,000 pcs production capacity per month
6 Got NO.6 Inverter brand award in China
7 Got ISO9001,CE ,CCC certificates and Own Patent
8 Experienced and Professional Automation control solution Provider
9 Offer the optional spare parts for frequency inverter &  whole solution for automation system.
4/    Products Brief 
1 JT550 Series & D32 Series High Performance Vector control VFD
2 JT300 Series Economic Vector control VFD  
3 JT580 Series High Protection VFD with built in DC reactor 
4 JT550 Series Through-the-wall  Vector control VFD 
5 JS500 Series Construction Lifting Integrated Machine VFD
6 JS500 Series Material Lifting Integrated Machine  VFD
7 Synchronous servo drive
8 Synchronous moter drive
9 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
10  3 Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous High-Efficiency Motor
11 KY550 HDMI
12 TDS  servo  system
After Sales Service


Power range 0.4KW-3.7KW 0.75KW-37KW Above 37KW
Provision of quality service Return period one month one month nonsupport
Exchange period 3 month 3 month nonsupport
Warranty period 18 month 18 month 18 month
1. What voltage range can you support? 
Single-phase 220v input, single-phase 220v output;
Single-phase 220v input, three-phase 220v output;
Three-phase 220v input, three-phase 220v output;
Single-phase 220v input, three-phase 380v output;

2. How to choose the power of the frequency inverter? 
According to your motor power, you can click "Chat Now" on the right and our sales staff will provide you with solutions online.

3. Do you support urgent orders? 
Of course. We have an ERP management system. Once there is an inventory warning, we will prepare materials in advance to meet the urgent needs of customers.

5. How to ensure product quality? 
Our production strictly follow ISO9001 quality control system. After four times quality inspect and high temperature testing we will print "QA" pass.
6. Do you accept OEM business? 
We accept OEM and ODM with your authorization.

7.Can I have a sample order?
Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

8.What about the lead time?
Sample needed 3-5 days, mass production time needed 1-2 weeks.

9:How about your payment and shipment?
Payment: We accept T/T, Western Union, Paypal etc. terms of payment.
Shipment: For sample order, we use DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS etc.express; for batch order, by sea or by air.

10.Do you have any MOQ limit?
1pc for sample checking available.

11.Do you offer guarantee for the products?
Yes, we offer 18 months warranty.

0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.7kw, 5.5kw Vector Small VFD, Frequency Inverter

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